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Luciano De Crescenzo
Engineer, writer, director, Luciano De Crescenzo is the author of some of the most well-known bestsellers of recent Italian literature; his works have been translated into most languages. be continued

Libero Bovio
He is the author of almost six hundreds lyrics: most of them belong to the history of the Neapolitan song thanks also to the talent of good musicians who were able to match his texts to the music (De Curtis, Valente, Nardella, Cannio, Falvo)."Tarantella Luciana", "Guapparia. be continued

E.A. Mario
All those who love Neapolitan songs have to know these songs: Core furastiero, Duie paravise, Maggio si' tu, Casa 'e campagna, Tammuriatella, Santa Lucia luntana, Canzone appassionata, Mierolo affurtunato, Tammurriata nera, 'O vascio, Cara mammà, Amore 'e emmena, Core 'ncampagna, Serenata smargiassa, La leggenda del Piave, Vipera, Balocchi e profumi. Let us talk about the poet who wrote these unforgettable lyrics: E. A. Mario (Naples 1884 - Naples 1961). be continued

Masaniello is one of the Neapolitan figures who wrote an important page of the city history.
His name is linked to a popular riot that he led at the time of the the Spanish rule in Southern Italy.
In a brief period he got a symbol of freedom and a leader for the lower classes because he claimed their rights against the dominant classes that till then had ruled, not only in Naples. be continued

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