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La pansè
It was written in 1953 by Luigi Pisano; it became famous when it was sang by Nino Taranto. This song was later sang by the cheerful singers of the Neapolitan song: Carosone and Fierro above all. be continued

'Passione' is certainly the most breaking emotional representation in the
Neapolitan song.
It was written by the famous Libero Bovio and it was sang by hundreds and hundreds artists. . be continued

Lacreme napulitane
In "Lacreme napulitane" a sad emigrating story is told. An emigrant talks to his mother about the coming Christmas time. He lives in America and says that when it's Christmas it's harder to stay away from one's land. be continued

Munastero e Santa Chiara
This song was written in 1945 by M. Galdieri and A. Barberis; it tells us about the nostalgia felt by the emigrant from Naples. It's a longing that joins all those who were forced to leave their land, looking for a better life; but they preserve in their heart the image of their beloved places. This song has melancholic and poetic style. be continued

Santa Lucia
This song is the most famous neapolitan one after 'O sole mio; it was written by T. Cottrau - Longo in 1835. It is an ode dedicated to the city of Naples and to the Santa Lucia area which faces the Gulf.
As you can read in the lyrics, it is sung by a boatman, who describes the view you can admire in Santa Lucia. be continued

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