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Castel dell'Ovo: the castle menu

Once walked on the bridge that links via Caracciolo with the island, you get in the castle, through the main entrance. You immediately feel you have just passed not through a phisical edge; on the contrary, you feel you havew just passed through a time edge: outside the chaos of the city, inside the past.
The visitor, once in the castle, can walk easily and see interesting places: the main towerla; the monks cells excavated in the rock; the room where the refettorio dei cenobiti was, (here there are five lines of columns from Lucullo house; the tower called Normandy and a round tower; the ruins of Saint Salvatore church.
You can admire a wonderful view from the last terrace: on one side the city in different tones, on another side the sea and the Vesuvium on the horizon.
The Borgo Marinaro is worth visiting; it offers the touristic port activity and some very famous restaurants, as "Zi' Teresa" and "La Bersagliera"; during the summer some tiny taverns are opened: here you can enjoy the fresh air near the sea without expend much money, you will taste very good plates of the Neapolitan cooking


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